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Domenic Pulitano emigrated from Italy in the summer of 1962 and set about establishing a construction business immediately. Initially experienced in most structural trades Domenic built up a background in every trade he could gain experience in. After some initial smaller projects Domenic gained official qualification as a builder and D & A Pulitano Constructions was born.

During the eighties work ranged from bulk domestic and residential dwellings refurbishment works and multi storey developments. After gaining commercial practitioner status the form of construction changed to encompass industrial and the first of many Aged Care and Child Cares.

The Pulitano Group began to expand under the drive of the main construction vehicle D & A Pulitano Constructions Pty Ltd and began adding many different varieties of clientele including private developers, the Department of Human Services, care operators and corporate investors.

Further progress allowed the expansion of the business structure and in the late nineties a permanent base was established in West Melbourne along with several key relationships with Architects, clients, financial institutions, government and professional bodies.

Shortly thereafter, the business gained three immediate family members as Dominic's two sons Vince and Daniel as well as his son in law Maurice joined the business in differing capacities. Since then the business has established a firm foothold and genuine respect from industry colleagues within the construction and design field.

In 2019 the business rebranded and Pulitano Commercial Constructions was born. With a stronger focus on high end multi residential.